Debit Card

Your Debit Card Means Security & Convenience


West Community Consumer Debit Card

Use it for free at millions of merchants worldwide! Purchases are immediately deducted from your checking account, and you may even be able to get cash back at many merchants. To order or replace your debit card, visit a credit union branch.

Card Alerts

Monitor and protect your Debit card.

  • Set your own travel notifications and alerts*
  • Set real time text alerts whenever your card is used
  • Turn your cards on and off (when you're not using)
  • Set spending, merchant and location controls
  • See the most recent debit card transactions
  • Report cards lost or stolen

*Prevent service interruptions when traveling by simply logging in to Digital Banking and setting Travel Notifications for your Debit and Credit Cards.

Secure Payment for Every Phone

Encrypt your West Community Credit Cards with the digital wallet of your choice. Samsung Pay, Google Pay or Apple Pay substitute your plastic card at millions of places – online and in stores.  Learn more.

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Need to Re-Pin Your Debit Card?

It's safe and easy to re-pin your debit card yourself by calling 866.985.2273. Please have your card available.

Report a Lost of Stolen Debit Card

To report a lost or stolen West Community debit card and have it replaced, call us at 636.720.2400 or 800.500.6860 during business hours, or 888.908.7834 after hours. Your card will be deactivated and you can make arrangements to pick-up a replacement card at one of our branches or receive it via mail within 7-10 business days. 

Important Travel Information

For your protection, your debit and credit cards are monitored for fraud 24/7. As a security measure, if we see that your card is used in an unusual location, we may suspect fraud and temporarily disable your card to prevent unauthorized access to your funds.

Before you travel it is important to set travel notifications on your Credit and Debit cards to prevent an interruption in service.

  • Schedule notifications in Digital Banking 
  • Or call us at (636) 720-2400 and let us know your travel plans.

If your card is declined while your traveling, call our office at (636) 720-2400 during business hours or the 800 number on the back of your card after hours to resume service.

It is recommended to bring multiple forms of payment when traveling outside the U.S.

A 1.25% foreign transaction fee will apply when using your cards abroad.

It is recommended to bring multiple forms of payment when traveling outside the U.S.  It is always a best practice to contact us prior to travel to avoid service interruption, but it is REQUIRED in some instances.  For your protection and ours, all debit and credit card transactions will be denied without prior authorization in the countries listed below. This includes online and in-store purchases and ATM transactions .

Call (636) 720-2400 or 800.500.6860 during business hours, or 866.820.4052 after business to make arrangements.

If you have questions about your travel destination, visit the U.S. Department of Treasury website for the most updated international sanction information, or call us at (636) 720-2400.

Hong Kong


South Africa
South Korea


Online and in-person debit and credit card transactions are prohibited in the following countries:


North Korea






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