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We will announce the winners of our 2023 college scholarships in May.


Meet our Recent West Community Scholarship recipients

We have been awarding College Scholarships annually for over 26 years! We are committed to our members and the communities we serve and are proud to offer scholarships to graduating high school seniors to help finance their higher education.

2023 Scholarship winners


Eloise Ayotte, Brentwood High School
Max Thomas, Fort Zumwalt East
Kalyan Krish, Parkway North
Thao-Vi Do, Kirkwood High School
Emily Emge, Fort Zumwalt North

2022 Scholarship winners


Sebastian Ashman, MICDS-Mary Institute and St. Louis County
Logan Forrest,
Duchesne Catholic High School 
Chloe Kaplan,
Francis Howell High
Nirmita Vijayalingam,
Brentwood High School 
Christina Guyre,
Fort Zumwalt High School  

2021 Scholarship winners


Benjamin Greiner, Brentwood High School
Neleh Hopper,
Clayton High School  
Rosanna Rojas,
Parkway South High School
Vanessa Palmero,
Fort Zumwalt West High School 
Andrew Hartle,
Northwest High School   

2020 Scholarship winners


Clayton Russ, Fort Zumwalt North
Julian Carroll,
Ladue High School  
Nathanial Butler,
Brentwood High School
Nicholas Pouk,
Francis Howell Central 
Elizabeth Zareh,
Webster Groves High School  

2019 Scholarship winners


Kennedy Fortner, Francis Howell High
Kara Pruett, St. Joseph's Academy
Madhumathi Vijayalingam, Brentwood High School
Margaret Callihan, Brentwood High School
Blake Miller, Fort Zumwalt West  

Scholarship applications are reviewed and awarded by our Scholarship Committee. Students applying for this scholarship are not eligible for any other West Community Credit Union scholarships. West Community Credit Union staff, volunteers and their family members are not eligible.

Other Scholarships and Funding Opportunities!

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