4 out of 5 parents wish they had learned more about money as a kid.*

Several studies show children develop money habits by the age of seven. Opening your child’s first savings account is the first step to modeling money-savvy behavior and securing their financial future. By instilling the habit of saving at a young age, offering positive encouragement, and providing financial education, we can prepare our community’s youngest members for brighter futures by helping them grow into financially capable adults...together.​​​​​​​​

What you need to know about talking to your kids about money

learn to save

It’s never too early to learn to save, manage and spend money wisely.

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Guide your kids through the financial jungle and make saving fun!

  • For kids 12 and under
  • Open with just $5
  • Earn interest on every penny
  • No fee's
  • Free piggy bank at account opening
  • Fun prizes for each transaction

To open a Kids Savings Account stop by one of our branches or open online—you'll just need their Social Security number!

open a kids account 


We can help your kid continue on their money-wise journey

For kids 13 to 17, we offer a free Teen Checking Account!

  • Account alerts and controls
  • Parental guidance opportunities
  • No minimum balance/no monthly fee
  • Debit Card and Mobile Banking
*Onepoll survey, November 2022