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Buy Now, Pay Later!

Split your debit card purchases into smaller payments over time

What is Buy now, pay later?

Same debit card, more flexible payments


West Community Consumer Debit Card

Fit larger and unexpected debit card purchases into your budget with monthly payments!

  • Use your debit card whenever and wherever you shop

  • Manage your budget by spreading larger expenses over time with a monthly installment plan

  • Review and manage all plans, offers and payments in Digital Banking

6 Easy steps to payment flexibility:

  1. Make purchases with your West Community debit card

  2. Check Buy Now, Pay Later in your Digital Banking dashboard

  3. View available offers on eligible purchases

  4. Decide which purchases you would like to split over time

  5. Select the installment plan that works for you

  6. See your purchase amount deposited back into your account within 24 hours

West Community debit card purchases that qualify for Buy Now Pay Later:

  • Purchases over $100

  • Purchases made in the last 60 days

  • Up to 5 active plans at the same time

NOTE: ATM withdrawals, money orders, cash advances or any cash equivalent purchases DO NOT qualify for Buy Now Pay Later offers. Your accounts must be in good standing to receive any Buy Now Pay Later offers.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Desktop Digital Baking: Under the "•••" in the top menu bar. Simply click on "Buy Now, Pay Later" in the dropdown menu to see your offers.
Mobile Banking App: Select "Menu" — then "More" from the available options. Select "Buy Now, Pay Later" to see your offers.

If you do not see any BNPL offers, it may be because of your current account status, or your recent debit card purchases are not eligible for BNPL. If you already have active BNPL plans, you may not be eligible for additional offers until the active plans are paid back. 

An eligible purchase is a debit card purchase made in the past 60 days that is at least $100, and was not a cash equivalent purchase (e.g., ATM withdrawal, money order, cash advance, etc.). Other restrictions surrounding the merchant type and transaction limits may affect BNPL eligibility. 

No, West Community Credit Union's debit card BNPL offers do not require a credit check. Additionally, BNPL plans are not reported to the credit bureaus so a BNPL plan that is paid on time does not improve your credit score.

However, an unpaid BNPL that becomes delinquent and is subsequently referred to Member Solutions may be reported to the credit bureau.

Call us any time  at (636) 720-2400 for information and help on improving your credit score. 

BNPL offers expire 60 days after a transaction posting date. If it disappears from your offers, and it has not been 60 days since the debit card purchase posted, then the offer was removed for another reason. This can happen for several reasons, most commonly:
•    Another BNPL offer was accepted and you do not qualify for both
•    Account activity changed, and you no longer qualify for a new BNPL offer

You may be eligible for up to 5 active BNPL plans at a time. However, this does not mean that every individual will qualify for 5 plans at once. Member eligibility is based on your account relationship.

The minimum qualifying debit card purchase amount is $100.

The maximum amount allowed is $2,500 combined for all active BNPL plans. However, this does not mean that every individual will qualify for the maximum amount. BNPL eligibility is based on your account relationship.

Our BNPL program includes 3-month, 6-month, 9-month and 12-month repayment options. Each individual will be offered the repayment options that they qualify for; this means that you may not see all 4 options when accepting a BNPL offer.

Once an installment plan is established, the term and due date cannot be changed. 

No. An installment loan cannot be cancelled, but you can pay the loan off early early in digital banking, or by contacting a West Community Member Representative at (636) 720-2400.

Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) has a 15.00% Annual Percentage Rate on a maximum combined 5 BNPL plans, minimum $100 to maximum $2,500. Terms of 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Review your offer in Online Banking for complete loan details.


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